FutureM 2014 has ended
Known as the must-attend event for discovering what’s next, MITX’s FutureM brings together marketing and technology innovators to contemplate and celebrate the future of Marketing.  FutureM is about integrating traditional marketing, digital marketing, R&D, product development and all other parts of an organization that impact customer engagement and purchasing decisions; all hosted at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Matt Lindley

Director of Innovation

His job as director of innovation at SapientNitro is to find new and interesting ways to make brand messaging effectively and efficiently travel across platforms, networks, and channels - and across the growing numbers gizmos that serve them.  

Matt brings 25 years of on-and-offline marketing experience to the table, most recently as ECD/EVP at Arnold Worldwide. Matt also served as the founding managing director of Modernista , ECD at ZDNet, co-founder of OneZero Media, and principle at start-up LocaModa, a place-based digital signage company. In his five years at SapientNitro, Matt has worked with clients including Victorinox, Forrester Research, New Balance, Staples, Dunkin' Donuts, and Chrysler.

If he hit even a reasonable scratch ticket this afternoon, Matt would be fly fishing the Bighorn River in Montana tomorrow.